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  • Leshan Kai Yada Photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd.,founded in 2003 September, is a professional R & D, production, processing and sales of compound semiconductor materials, optoelectronic materials of private enterprise, located in Leshan high tech zone.2006 was identified as high-tech enterprises,the same year the development of indium antimonide single crystal won the Science and technology progress award.
    For 13 years,The Company specializes in the production and purification of minor metals such as Tellurium,Antimony ,indium,selenium and Bismuth as well as inorganic chemicals based on such metals and compound semiconductor:
    High-Purity metals(4N-7N):
    Tellurium(Te)for CdTe thin-film solar cells,CZT single crystal and other alloy;
    Antimony(Sb)for InSb&GaSb single crystal,Sb2O3 and other alloy;
    Oxygen-Free Selenium(Se)for far infrared optical glass and CIGS&CIS thin-film solar cells;
    Bismuth(Bi)for high-purity Bi2O3…
    Indium(In)for InSb,InP,InN single crystal and CIGS&CIS thin-film solar cells;
    High-Purity Compounds(4N-6N):
    P/N type Bismuth(III)Telluride(Bi2Te3)for thermoelectric & refrigerant devices;
    Indium Antimonide single crystal(InSb)for Magnetic Resistance;
    5N Bismuth Oxide(Bi2O3)for BGO Single crystal;
    Cadmium Selenide(CdSe)for near infrared optical glass…
    Cadmium Sulfide(CdS)for thin-film solar cells and optical glass;
    Cadmium Telluride(CdTe)for CdTe thin-film solar cells,CZT single crystal;
    Tellurium Dioxide(TeO2)for paste,tellurite glass,brightener and TeO2 singal crystal ;
    Lead Telluride(PbTe)for optical Coating.
    Gallium Arsenide(GaAs);Gallium Trisulfide(Ga2S3);Indium(III)Selenide(In2Se3);Indium Telluride(InTe);Zinc Oxide(ZnO);Zinc Telluride(ZnTe);Indium(I)Chloride(InCl);Indium Chloride(InCl3);Indium Oxide(In2O3);Gallium Oxide(Ga2O3);Bismuth(III)Selenide(Bi2Se3);
    Germanium Disulfide(GeS2)...
  • Process Capability :   Czochralski method,CVD process,Vacuum distillation,Zone-melting
    After-sale Service :   Supply MSDS,Free sample,Solutions for material application

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